Thursday, December 3, 2009

I loved you, my leisure

Remember when I spent everyday leisurely following fun-filled personal interests generally leaning towards art making & vintage shopping loosely balanced with other more productive activities (selective bill paying, cooking, starting an art gallery, selling things on etsy) while blissfully attuned to my body's natural inclination to take afternoon naps, stay up late and sleep in?? It's all over, the snap of a finger. done. good bye life of leisure..helloo new job...high pressure, stress inducing, trauma surrounded 9-5 job that comes with expectations the seem almost unreachable....

Title: Rape and Sexual Assault Counselor
Program: VICS -Violence Intervention Community Service (grant based not-for-profit ...a.k.a lots of work for little money)
Organization: Family Resources Inc.

Perks: I have my own office
*I primarily meet with individuals
*the VICS program has an AWESOME super progressive, radically feminist community based (non clinical) philosophy of treatment
*diverse and interesting staff
*flexible and supportive work environment
*if I must work, I guess it's pretty nice to get to do something I feel strongly about

Other good news, bright side, glass is half full perspective as I start this new harrowing endeavor:
*at least i am well rested and restored?

Did I mention I have my own fancy office?? with comfy chairs?? a desk, a bookshelf, filing cabinet, and a window?? not shared. mine.

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