Saturday, October 3, 2009

in the BIG house,

As it turns out Iowa isn't so bad. I thought maybe living here would naturally induce a state of absolute boredom and total disconnect, bit it's been quite the opposite. I can't explain why exactly but there is something sort of freeing about not being absolutely inundated with endless options. I think I actually pursue more activities here than i even did in Chicago. Namely because i can afford to go places, getting around is relatively quick & painless, i can ride a bike without fear of being run over or doored, I can enjoy a walk along the river without competing for space, The farmer's market is HUGE and less than a mile from my house, rent is way cheaper, and I have a studio space in the house! oh and did i mention the thrift stores around these parts??? Tons of super cheap awesomeness.


  1. i am so excited about the big house, the thrift store awesomeness, and the fact that you are blogging again.

  2. i just introduced myself to joseph, and all i can say in response to this post is "ditto" and "huzzah." here's my blog-take on my life in chicago v. my life in davenport:

    can't wait to see the gallery,

  3. i just posted the damn wrong link. my bad; my apologies.